The sentencing process is important as it is one of the only opportunities for the court to hear why you committed an offence. A good lawyer can help explain who you are as a person and why you have ended up in court to a judge. We have significant experience in sentencing matters and can help you by explaining the sentencing process and establishing a strategy.

We can also assess your case and advise you whether an application for a discharge without conviction is appropriate. A successful application would result in no conviction appearing on your record which can dramatically change how you live your life once the case is closed. This is equivalent to being found not guilty or obtaining an acquittal for an offence.

A discharge without conviction allows a person to have a second chance, if granted the person would not have a particular criminal conviction on their record. It is a great opportunity for people that want to apply for jobs, as any drink driving or dishonesty offences could be detrimental to your future employment.

If you are planning any overseas travel and are requiring immigration or other visas to leave the country, a criminal conviction could prevent you doing so. The Clean Slate Scheme conceals convictions for you ONLY if you are eligible. When a person gets a criminal record it does not go away.

We also are able to recommend programs that may aid the success of your application depending on the offence such as drug/alcohol or violence programs. We can also arrange reports for your sentencing that will result in getting the best outcome for you, such as:

  • Cultural Reports
  • Psychiatric or Psychologist Reports
  • Alcohol and Drug Reports

Get started on your defence.