Most sexual offences are viewed seriously by the Court and you need the best possible legal advice. Any charge of a sexual nature can be hugely stressful and make you feel like you are on the back foot; these charges can also alienate you from family and friends.

You need a lawyer that will give you confidence in the process and give you realistic advice about your situation. You also need a lawyer that has specialist skill in conducting sex cases; this is a difficult area of law that requires specialist skill. You cannot afford for mistakes to be made because the stakes are so high.

Even though there may be only one main witness or the witness is young, sexual charges need a lawyer with careful skill and expertise to navigate through the process. I am able to assist you with ensuring that you get a robust defence if you choose to defend the charges.

CASE EXAMPLE: A client came to us charged with indecent assault arising from events which happened over 18 years ago. We represented them at trial and helped achieve a not guilty verdict in his case.

CASE EXAMPLE: A client was charged with indecent assaults. He was a real estate agent. He was able to avoid the convictions and also obtained permanent name suppression.

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