Even though the charges don’t seem serious they can leave you with a conviction or have a disqualification period which can hamstring your life, especially if you cannot work or support your family. We have a great deal of experience with driving and traffic matters and I can advise you on the multiple ways to avoid a conviction or disqualification period.

We can also help you to quickly obtain a limited licence at a realistic, flat rate price. This process is done through a simple questionnaire which will result in the documents prepared in just 24 hours.

We have help with the following charges (and more):

  • Driving with excess breath alcohol
  • Refusing blood
  • Driving whilst incapable or under the influence of drugs
  • Driving whilst disqualified or suspended
  • Careless or reckless driving causing injury
  • Sustained loss of traction

CASE EXAMPLE: We helped someone, who was found guilty of careless driving causing injury, to achieve a discharge without conviction at their sentencing.