I just wanted to formally thank you for your efforts throughout these four years and for your continued support for my appeal. The way you were in court not only impressed me but my whole support crew who were there and my brother in Fiji. I always knew from the first time I met you to discuss my case that you are a very committed person. Over these years my respect for your calibre, your manner, your performance, even during some ridiculously tough and irritating situations throughout this journey, has risen to the highest level. My daughter is so impressed by you that she is now definitely choosing a career as a lawyer! It was her first experience ever in a courtroom and what makes it more memorable for her is that it was for her dad. I don't know whether you realize this, but you have given me (and my daughter) a new lease of life. Our trust in the justice system has been made more concrete. My daughter, my brother and I, and the rest of my support crew thank you, with the highest respect and honour. It has been a pleasure working with you to get justice for me.

July 2021.

On behalf of [x] , myself and my family would like to express our greatest gratitude to you and your team for all of your patience and work towards [x's] case.  This has been a journey and a half and we would like to thank you sincerely for all of your hard work.  Thank you once again and all the best for your future work.

Auckland District Court, September 2018

Anoushka stepped in as lawyer at my sentencing because my assigned lawyer was unavailable. At first, I was nervous to have a new lawyer at the last minute. Especially at sentencing because my charges are serious and I am facing imprisonment. However, with limited knowledge of the facts and a grumpy judge, Anoushka got the desired outcome.  My sentencing got put off so I could complete programmes to reduce my sentence and better myself.

Me and my family were really impressed. The biggest thing for me is I felt she actually cared. The law can make you feel like just another face, another number. She made me feel like someone was batting for me. I even tried to sack my assigned lawyer, so I could use her full time! A lawyer who listens and actually represents you.

Auckland District Court, November 2017

Thank you Anoushka for the great job you have done for my son. Even though he made a big mistake, he has had a big wakeup call and won’t be making this mistake again. By successfully appealing to get a discharge without conviction he now has a second chance at life.

Anoushka was systematic and professional in her approach. I felt confident that she knew what she was doing and this was a huge relief in a highly stress time of my life.

Anoushka’s knowledge of the law and her judgement are second to none. She was always willing to listen to me, even when others didn’t believe in my innocence. She was willing to fight for my cause and was a shining light in a very dark time in my life

Auckland High Court, July 2017