Be safe rather than sorry this Christmas

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As Christmas approaches it is a great time to relax, eat and be Merry but not too Merry if you need to drive home.  The drink driving limits are much more stringent than they used to be and Christmas is a timely reminder to be prepared if you are planning on drinking.  The Police are on high alert with increased Police numbers and booze buses stationed all over Auckland City.  The drink driving levels are as follows:

  • Under 20 – zero.  You cannot drink and drive.
  • 20 years and over: Limit 250mcg breath and 50mg blood.  If you have a reading over 400mcg breath or 80mg blood you will summoned to court, get a criminal conviction and face a minimum period of 6 months disqualification for a first time offence.

The best advice is to PLAN for your social outings and make sure you have enough cash to get yourself home.  You don’t want to start the new year with being responsible for injurying someone in a car crash, having to go to court, dealing with a disqualification period, worrying about your employment or landing yourself a criminal conviction.

If you are stopped and detained by the Police, remember that you have the right to speak to a lawyer before undergoing an evidential breath test, blood test or both.  The Police have a list of free PDLA lawyers on call to take your call before you take the evidential or blood test or you can call a lawyer of your choice.

Wishing everyone a safe and Merry Christmas!