Our 19 year old son was charged in 2020 with raping his ex girlfriend at a party six months prior.  We had no idea what we needed to do – like deers in headlights.  Once we met with Anoushka and had a chance to put my sons side of the story across we felt relieved.  Anoushka believed in our son which was the most important thing to us.  Anoushka and her team worked tirelessly over the next 2 years, with multiple delays in hearings and trial dates due to COVID.  She managed to keep our son focused and calm through the trial and the team really looked after us as a family through the trial and whilst waiting for the verdict.  The 2 words we had waited 2 years to hear – NOT GUILTY – the relief washed over us all!!! Anoushka, Jong, Katie and the whole team at Bloem & Associates literally saved our sons life and we will be forever grateful.

Auckland District Court, March 2022.