Here is a sample of some recent excellent results we have achieved for our clients.


If you are after a dedicated, passionate and tenacious advocate who will stand up for you, then I am the lawyer you are looking for. If you are after a lawyer who will treat you like a real person and communicate through each stage of the process, then look no further.

I grew up in Auckland and attended the University of Auckland, qualifying with degrees in Commerce and Honours in Law. I started out in Commercial and tax lawyer and discovered that my real interest was for people and things that mattered in their lives, especially those who haven’t always been given the best deal in life. I moved into criminal law and have never looked back.

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Charges: Kidnapping, aggravated robbery, dishonestly uses a computer system, burglary, assault, threatens to kill. Appealed evidence to Court of Appeal relating to cellphone search of phone and significant evidence ruled inadmissible in trial. Client avoided a lengthy jail term.

Operation Sylvester: Multiaccused drug trial in the Auckland HC of the Headhunters Gang for large scale meth manufacturing and possession. Client had charges reduced down to four at trial and avoided a lengthy jail term. Other accused in the same trial got 15-18 years imprisonment.

Charges: Aggravated robbery, kidnapping: Successfully negotiated resolution of charges to a single charge and client avoided a lengthy jail term.

Charges: Rape and sexual violation x 5. Client faced extremely serious charges with allegation of offences committed against his ex partner. Jury could not convict because serious doubt bought on complainant’s evidence. Client not guilty on all charges and walked free.

Charges: Arson, burglary: Client facing a maximum of 14 and 10 years imprisonment on charges. Eye witness cross examined and resulted in withdrawal of charges.

Charges: Importing of MDMA Class B drug (14 years imprisonment) Auckland High Court. Hung jury in first trial and client found not guilty in second trial and walked free.

Charges: Unlawful sexual connection x 3 and 9 x possession of pornographic material charges withdrawn prior to trial following successful negotiation with police and client pleaded guilty to abduction and received home detention rather than 4 years imprisonment.

Charge: Theft. Client convicted in the District Court. Appealed to the High Court and client discharged without conviction Often cited decision in section 106 discharge without conviction cases R v Alshamsi.

Charge: Assault with intent to injure. Charge arose from client’s job as a bouncer dealing with a drunk patron. The drunk patron was also a lawyer. Client found not guilty and did not lose his job as a result.