With the ups and downs of our fast pace living, domestic violence is a common predicament that people find themselves in. These can be very difficult cases because it involves people you care about, including children.

You need lawyer that is able to balance all of the competing interests, give you honest and clear advice and help work out what is best for you and your family. These cases often involve protection orders and family Court proceedings. We are able to speak to your family lawyer to ensure that there is a clear process for family Court proceedings and your criminal charges.

We are also able to skilfully negotiate bail for you, given that one party may need to move out the family home.

CASE EXAMPLE: We routinely deal with domestic violence cases. For many people a conviction for a one-off mistake can make a big difference to their future employment or travel. We have successfully obtained s106 discharges without conviction for numerous clients who have found themselves in this position. With the right advice, we can set you up for a successful application.

CASE EXAMPLE: A client was charged with breaching a protection order. He was found not guilty to three charges after a jury trial.

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